Hidden in Plain Sight

As the NDC systematically reviews and releases the oldest withheld documents from legacy declassification projects, we periodically post entries about interesting new releases as part of our effort "to make access happen" (please see the July 5, 2018 NDC Blog post "Note Pour L'Admiral Stark" for more details).  In this case, Archives Specialist Jennifer Halpern … Continue reading Hidden in Plain Sight

“Note Pour L’Admiral Stark.”

A document recently surfaced in the course of yet another NDC special project called PAIR--a note that speaks to a little-noticed aspect of World War II that involved one of the war's higher-profiled participants, Général de brigade Charles de Gaulle. PAIR (Pre-ADRRES Indexing Review) This NDC special project has been in operation since around 2015 … Continue reading “Note Pour L’Admiral Stark.”