New Records Released – 2022 Third Quarter Release List

During July 2022, the National Declassification Center (NDC) released a listing of 321 declassification projects that consists of over seven million pages which were completed between January 2020 and June 2022. This is the first release of textual records from the NDC since the COVID Pandemic began. These records are now available for researcher requests. … Continue reading New Records Released – 2022 Third Quarter Release List

The Adventures of CORTDIV 11

The NDC has been working on a declassification project involving classified Navy deck logs from the Vietnam War era.  As part of this project, the NDC is set to declassify 11 boxes of classified deck logs from Record Group 38 (Office of the Chief of Naval Operations), Entry UD-06D 1.  These records will be available … Continue reading The Adventures of CORTDIV 11

Operation Enewetak

The Atoll The classic coral atoll of Enewetak and its small population had seen much change during the 20th century as compared to the relatively quiet nine previous centuries since humans first came to the atoll's islands.  The Germans were the first industrial culture to claim possession of the islands which became part of the … Continue reading Operation Enewetak