Updated Lists of Records Eligible for Indexing on Demand (IOD)

In August 2015 we announced a new program called “Indexing on Demand” which allows researchers to request records that have completed quality assurance review and are available for indexing and final withhold processing.  Below are updated lists that include series eligible for request. The lists are divided into two groups: military records and civilian records. Each list is arranged by record group and includes: Holdings Management System (HMS) ID; HMS entry number; the record entry name for the series; dates of the records within the series (not always immediately available); and the size (possibly estimated) of the series itself.

Since the roll out, we have processed 472 requests totaling just over fifteen million pages with a release rate of 80%.  We have updated our lists to remove the series that have been processed and add newly available series for request.

As before, you can correspond with us via our ndc@nara.gov email box or by replying to this blog post. You can also visit with our representative in the Archives II reference area, Jennifer Dryer, who would be happy to address your questions and requests. She can offer you an estimate on the complexity of the final processing needed as well as a tentative timeline to completion.

IOD List 5-9-2018 – Military PDF                                             IOD List 5-9-2018 Civilian PDF

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    1. Simply download the .pdf files whose links are located at the bottom of the blog post. The .pdf lists contain the archival identities of the declassified civilian and military records available for the Indexing on Demand (IOD) process. Please cite the archival series along with the archival identification information you wish to undergo Indexing on Demand in an email to our ndc@nara.gov mailbox to initiate the process.

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