Rickover and the Whale

By Ms. Brewer Thompson

While going through boxes of documents for declassification, we occasionally come across things that are interesting, though unclassified. This comes from Record Group 326: Atomic Energy Commission, entry P 14-B, Subject Files of John McCone, Chairman; box 20 folder 3, O & M 2-2 R Correspondence with Individuals “RICKOVER”. It is a letter from H.G. Rickover to J.A. McCone, reporting on an incident that occurred during the sea trials of the USS Seadragon.

Letter from H.G. Rickover regarding sea trials of the U.S.S. Seadragon

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3 Responses to Rickover and the Whale

  1. Nicole Beck says:

    That communication merits an LOL (though not from the men on the sub, surely).

  2. Aaron Jarvis says:

    Thanks for sharing this unique letter. The whale must have wondered why his “cousin” had such hard skin. 🙂

  3. Brittany Parris says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this equally amusing and somewhat disconcerting insight! Seeing the mention of “Rickover” made me think of how Admiral Rickover was very much a mentor to President Carter–check out the “Carter Connection” in this week’s Carter Chronicle posting.

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