Pentagon Papers Project Update

I want to update everyone on our progress on this project with the great news that the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) has declassified the information of interest to them in the Report of the Vietnam Study Task Force.  Since the Report was an OSD product, they retained considerable interest in every volume of the Report.  To assist this project, OSD provided much needed assistance in reviewing specific items of information (that we in the declass business call equities), and the results of that review allowed OSD to declassify all of their equities in the Report.

That being said, the project still has some hurdles to clear.  We at the NDC are working the issues as soon as they appear.  In addition, we will soon begin scanning the Report so that a digital version will be publically available

Please stay tuned for more progress reports.

3 thoughts on “Pentagon Papers Project Update

    1. Thank you, Street. We in the NDC believe it is important to inform as many people as possible on our progress using all means available.

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