NDC Identifies and Declassifies Vietnam Records

We have finalized the declassification of 1st Air Cavalry Division in Vietnam 1967.  The series includes Situation Reports from the Division S-1, S-2, S-3, S-4 and Division Artillery.  The series had been misidentified and was reallocated based on NDC declassification processes. The significance of the records will continue to tell the story of the US Army during the Vietnam war.

RG 472 U.S. Forces in Southeast Asia, 1950-1975, US Forces Southeast Asia, 1st Cavalry Division.  Boxes 3 and 4.

5 thoughts on “NDC Identifies and Declassifies Vietnam Records

  1. I am wondering if all records (R.G. 472) for the 5th division (1st brigade) are now declassified especially Operation Lam Son 719 sketch maps

      1. I spoke with one of the processing archivist’s and here is his reply: “I don’t believe any of the 5th Infantry Division, 1st Brigade records are still classified. I don’t know specifically if they’re are sketch maps for Lam Son 719, but we probably have maps of that operation, particularly with the after action reports. ” He also suggested that you contact teh reference staff on 301-837-3510 for additional information about the records.

  2. I need to find roster containing my assignment to HHT 3/11 ACR. The NPRC and 2 archivists have failed any ideas. Film of that era July 67 through March 68 are not readable. 10 year search. Have Buddy statements but theVA won’t accept them. White paper copy they want only.

  3. Never thought what I did in Vietnam was so secret. Or of such importance. I was only a Cavalry Motor Sargeant. I seem to have disappeared from the entire Vietnam scene.

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