Final Plan and FY 2011 Work Plans Available

NDC Prioritization Plan and FY 2011 Work Plans Now Available

The National Declassification Center is releasing its Prioritization Plan for eliminating the 400+ million page backlog of reviewed, but unavailable archival records by December 2013.  Also available, as Appendix B for Civilian Records and Appendix C for Defense records are FY 2011 Civilian and Defense work plans.  These plans provide greater detail on those records that will be processed in 2011.  The plans may be viewed here

2 thoughts on “Final Plan and FY 2011 Work Plans Available

  1. Dear NDC ,
    First of all congratulations for writing and publishing your Prioritization Plan FY 2011. It deserves all praises the fact that NARA continues to bring transparency to its activities. Second of all, I have some questions about the document. Are you going to conclude the declassification of all Appendix B entries until the end of 2011? I am planning to visit NARA archives in College Park to conduct a research in several entries of Appendix B. Should I wait until 2012?

    Best regards,
    Rogério Farias

    1. Mr. Farias,

      Thank you for you kind words. We certainly hope to complete the plan by the end of the FY. Before you come for a visit, you may want to send us an email at with the entries you want to see. We should be able to give you a status update on those specific entries.


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