NDC Releases its First Bi-Annual Report

In marking the release of the first Bi-Annual NDC status report, Director Sheryl Shenberger noted.  “It has become clear to me that all the agencies involved in this effort want to make the NDC a success story.”  I think this captures what the NDC accomplished during its first six months of operation.  We were able to declassify almost eight million pages of Federal records, but more importantly, the NDC, working collaboratively with our agency colleagues, established new processes that make the NDC a “production environment” for faster and more accurate declassification of historical records at NARA.  I invite you to read the first report, linked here and comment on it on this blog.



2 thoughts on “NDC Releases its First Bi-Annual Report

  1. I think that declassification of documents should be the right of a democratic society to know what the tax payer is getting for their faith in government. My main comment is that their should be time certain to many times the public waits for years for public records to come out. I think for some reason I haven’t seen President g bush public records I think he put some how put them in his fathers records. Far as I can see that if there isn’t “time certain” why spend the time and energy. I think that it should be fully funded so that there is a “certain time” so that in the proposal we can assure a deadline for public papers release. Maybe attach that to a military bill which it seems there’s plenty of apatite for that I hope someone will read this.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I’ll ask my colleagues in Presidential Libraries for their specific policies. I’ll let you know what I find out.


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