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NDC Second Public Forum Notes

As Promised by Sheryl.  Questions that we did not get to and answers from the panelists to follow a additional posts.  Many thanks to NDC archivist Bruce MacMillian for serving as note taker. PARTICIPANTS: Sheryl Shenberger, Director, NDC, NARA Nancy Smith, Director, … Continue reading

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Second NDC Public Forum

Thanks to everyone, panelists, attentive audience members, and questioners, for attending our Public Forum at AI Tuesday. I always enjoy an opportunity to hear concerns and suggestions, and I particularly appreciated having the other agency representatives out in front to give … Continue reading

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NDC Open Forum

The National Declassification Center (NDC) will be hosting its second Open Public Forum on Tuesday August 23 at 10:00 in the McGowan Theater at Archives I in Washington DC.  Please enter via the special events entrance on Constitution Avenue.  NDC … Continue reading

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Aiming for a More Efficient Process

Although the Bi-annual Report  provides the high points for the NDC, particularly in relation to the efforts to address the back log, I want to offer a few more descriptive details just to further your understanding of what we are … Continue reading

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NDC Releases its Third Bi-Annual Status Report

The NDC is pleased to release its Third Bi-Annual status report. This report details the progress made since January 2010 in meeting the President’s December 29, 2009 charge to eliminate the approximately 400 million page back log of reviewed, but … Continue reading

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NDC Declassification Process – Quality Assurance

Quality control review is one of the most important parts of the NDC process. In the early days of Executive Order 12958, agencies began to expand review programs to ensure that sensitive information was not released when the automatic declassification … Continue reading

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The NDC and FOIA/MDR Requests

When NARA established the National Declassification Center (NDC) in December 2009, we included the unit that processes classified FOIA and MDR requests for accessioned Federal records.  To establish the NDC and the new declassification processes, NARA applied Lean- Six-Sigma (LSS) … Continue reading

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NDC Declassification Process – Overview

Hello NDC blog readers. In recent weeks there have have been  several discussions with people in the declassification world and the general public about the declassification process and how it has changed since the NDC was established. We at the NDC are working … Continue reading

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Second NDC Bi-Annual Report Released

The NDC second Bi-Annual report is now available here.  Highlights include implementation of new processes to identify and evaluate records in the backlog (over 80 million pages assessed to date), continued inter-agency collaboration, and the establishment of two special … Continue reading

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NDC Releases its First Bi-Annual Report

In marking the release of the first Bi-Annual NDC status report, Director Sheryl Shenberger noted.  “It has become clear to me that all the agencies involved in this effort want to make the NDC a success story.”  I think this … Continue reading

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