Contribute your ideas to the US National Action Plan on Open Government

The United States plans to publish the third Open Government National Action Plan (NAP) later this year as part of our commitment to the Open Government Partnership. The NAP will include new and expanded open government commitments that will be fulfilled in the next two years. In the first and second US NAPs, previous commitments related to classification and declassification have included:

  • Developing standard declassification processes and training
  • Creating a Security Classification Reform Committee
  • Implementing monitoring and tracking for declassification reviews

 This year the US is developing the NAP in consultation with the public through Hackpad, a collaborative platform. Learn more about this process on the White House Blog and visit the Hackpad to learn how to participate in the process.

 Visit the page “Classification Modernization” page to contribute your ideas related to classification and declassification. NAP commitments need to be:

  • Ambitious: pushing government beyond current practice by strengthening transparency, accountability, and public participation
  • Relevant: advancing one of the four open government principles of (1) transparency, (2) accountability, (3) participation, and/or (4) technology and innovation
  • Specific: describing the problem to be solved and expected outcomes
  • Measurable: allowing independent observers to gauge whether the commitment has been completed

 Check out other topic pages on FOIA, records management, fiscal transparency, and whistleblowers, etc. Please submit your ideas for possible commitments and help us strengthen open government.

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