NDC Releases 237 New Entries Between May 23 and July 5, 2012

The NDC has released a listing of 237 separate entriesExcel document that have completed declassification processing between May 23 and July 5, 2012 and are now available for researcher request. This release consists primarily of military records.

Highlights include:

  • Navy records relating to the underwater search for a missing thermonuclear bomb near Palomares Spain,
  • Department of State Post Files from Australia and France,
  • Office of the Secretary of Defense records relating to research into medical aspects of atomic warfare,
  • Office of the Secretary of Defense records relating to the Cuban Missile crisis,
  • Office of the Secretary of Defense, Advance Research Projects Agency records relating to “Project VELA”,
  • Army Assistant Chief of Staff records relating to civil disturbances in the 1960s,
  • Army Command Files for the 4th and 3rd Army, and
  • Air Force records from Wright-Patterson, Langley, Patrick, and Andrews Air Force Bases.

Requests to access the newly released records or to order copies should be directed to Archives 2 Reference at 301-837-3510 or archives2reference@nara.gov.

(When making a request, please cite the HMS Entry and Series Title.)

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