The Correspondence of Curtis Lemay

The Correspondence of Curtis Lemay By: Rhiannon Roberts While stationed at Offutt AFB, Nebraska; Lt. Gen. Curtis Lemay coordinated the Korean War effort through diligent command of the SAC or Strategic Air Command; the founding of this particular organization was to support bomber aircraft with nuclear capabilities. The following correspondence is from Lt. Gen. Lemay … Continue reading The Correspondence of Curtis Lemay

National Declassification Center Processes…Explained

Recently, there has been some discussion and confusion about steps the National Declassification Center (NDC) is taking to meet the Presidents goal to permit public access to all declassified records from this backlog no later than December 31, 2013.  The Fourth Bi-annual Report indicates that of the approximately 400 million pages believed to be in … Continue reading National Declassification Center Processes…Explained

NDC Declassification Process – Quality Assurance

Quality control review is one of the most important parts of the NDC process. In the early days of Executive Order 12958, agencies began to expand review programs to ensure that sensitive information was not released when the automatic declassification deadline arrived. To accomplish their goals, programs were established before sufficient government wide equity recognition … Continue reading NDC Declassification Process – Quality Assurance

The NDC and FOIA/MDR Requests

When NARA established the National Declassification Center (NDC) in December 2009, we included the unit that processes classified FOIA and MDR requests for accessioned Federal records.  To establish the NDC and the new declassification processes, NARA applied Lean- Six-Sigma (LSS) methodology, including defining a problem, measuring output, analyzing alternatives and developing an improved “to be” … Continue reading The NDC and FOIA/MDR Requests

NDC Declassification Process – Overview

Hello NDC blog readers. In recent weeks there have have been  several discussions with people in the declassification world and the general public about the declassification process and how it has changed since the NDC was established. We at the NDC are working to make our process as transparent as possible to help people understand how we perform … Continue reading NDC Declassification Process – Overview