New Records Released – 2020 First Quarter Release List

On January 3, 2020, the NDC released a listing of 206 entries that completed declassification processing between October 1, 2019 and December 31, 2019. These records are now available for researcher requests. This release consists of textual and special media records from military and civilian agencies as well as the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum. The FY2020-Q1 Release List is available to view or download in PDF and Excel formats:

Highlights from the released records include:

  • Bureau of Ships, Preliminary Design History and Data Files of Ships, 1909-1966
  • Bureau of Ships, Ship Records Relating to Mine Warfare, Radiological Defense, and Counter-Measures, 1940-1970
  • Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, Secret Naval Intelligence Reports
  • Office of the Chief of Naval Operations, Operational Archives Publications and Other Records Regarding World War II and the Korean War
  • Department of State, Records Relating to the U.S.-Canada International Joint Commission
  • Bureau of Aeronautics, Reports Relating to Nuclear Energy
  • Foreign Service Posts of the Department of State, Classified Files Maintained by Robert Strausz-Hupe, Ambassador to Ceylon, Belgium, Sweden, and NATO, 1970-1977
  • Office of the Chief of Ordnance, Joint Army-Navy-Air Force (JANAF) Project Files
  • Atomic Energy Commission, Decimal Correspondence Relating to the X-10 Reactor Plant
  • Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum, White House Tapes: Sound Recordings of Meetings and Telephone Conversations of the Nixon Administration (February 16, 1971-July 18, 1973)
  • Department of the Navy, Hardtack Eniwetok (Motion Picture)
  • Department of the Navy, Operation Sailor Hat (Motion Picture)
  • Department of the Navy, Polaris Weapons Systems Development, 1959 (Motion Picture)

To request access to the newly released records or to order copies, please contact Archives 2 Reference at 301-837-3510 or For Nixon Tapes, please contact the Nixon Library at 714-983-9120 or  Please note that some series may contain other restrictions such as privacy or law enforcement and may require screening or a FOIA request prior to access. When making a request, please cite the Record Group/Collection Identifier, HMS Entry, and Series Title.

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