A New Opportunity to Request Priority Processing

Today’s “Sunshine Week” post comes from NDC Director Sheryl Shenberger and is an update on prioritized NDC projects and final processing.

In my previous blog posts I offered a new option for prioritizing records that lack final processing: the opportunity for interested researchers to choose which series from a selected list should go the head of our queue. Now I am offering you something new: a more inclusive listing of projects available for indexing. Below is a chart of the many series available for final processing, some are small, some contain many boxes. Some will require much segregation of still-sensitive information before they can be provided; others will indeed be a quick turn around. The spreadsheet contains all of the backlog entries that are in our Indexing queue and includes: the acronym or name and number of the original record group; NARA Holdings Managewment System (HMS) identification numbers; the record entry name for the series; dates of the records within the series (not always immediately available); and the size (possibly estimated) of the series itself. 

Master Backlog Index Queue List Feb 2015

As before, you can correspond with us via our ndc@nara.gov email box or by replying to this blog post. We can then offer you an estimate on the complexity of the final processing needed as well as a tentative timeline to completion.

We are still working the selected series I offered previously, and the following is a status report (in red):

  • REID 292485, RG 341 (U.S. Air Force), Entry UD 1001, “Assistant Chief Of Staff, Intelligence, Intelligence Report Files” – 1600 boxes (1.4M pages) Indexing started 6/15/2014 – 100% complete, included on Release List dated 15 September 2014, publically available.
  • REID108618, RG 255 (NASA), Entry A1 93-D, “Classified Numerical Files of Documents [NACA: Numerical File of Documents from the NACA Library, 1916-1962]” – 2,510 boxes (2.1M pages) Indexing started 7/18/2014 – 100% complete, included on Release List dated 15 September 2014, publically available.
  • REID 337873, RG 319 (Army Staff), Entry UD-WX 92, “Department Of The Army CMH Boxes Re Vietnam” – 190 boxes (450K pages) Indexing started 9/08/2014 – 100% complete and queued up for the next Release List.
  • REID 374812, RG 338, (U.S. Army Operational, Tactical, and Support Org. (WW II and Thereafter), Entry UD-UP 77, “Classified Records of U.S. Army Commands Transferred from the National Personnel Records Center, St. Louis, MO” – 479 boxes (1.2M pages) Indexing started 10/06/2014 – 56% complete.
  • REID 163442, RG 72 (Bureau of Aeronautics), Entry UD 1047, “Technical Information Library Collection” – 8,038 boxes (6.7M pages) Indexing started 8/28/2014 – 52% complete.
  • REID 156444, RG 74 (Bureau of Ordinance), Entry A1 1021-A, “Scientific and Technical Reports” – 1,661 boxes (4.1M pages)
  • REID 341575, RG 402 (Bureau of Naval Weapons), Entry UD-UP 19, “Confidential and Unclassified Subject Files, 1960” – 231 boxes (577K pages)
  • REID 346288, RG 402, (Bureau of Naval Weapons), Entry UD-WX 1728, “Technical Reports” – 222 boxes (555K pages)
  • REID 319094, RG 343 (Naval Air Systems Command), Entry UD-WW 198, “Air 604 TECH Reports 69; Acc. # 69-A-4901” – 220 boxes (550K pages)
  • REID 132240, RG 38 (Office of the Chief of Naval Operations), Entry A1 1009, “Office Of Naval Intelligence; Publications File” – 486 boxes (405K pages)
  • REID 384848, RG 38 (Office of the Chief of Naval Operations), Entry UD-UP 14, “Archives Branch Hist Record, 1971” – 150 boxes (375K pages)
  • REID 319134, RG 343 (Naval Air Systems Command), Entry UD-WW 211, “Correspondence Relating to the Message Section [Air 60324 PRIM PROGM Records 67-69; Acc. # 70-A-1635]” – 111 boxes (278K pages)
  • REID 157274, RG 19 (Bureau of Ships), Entry UD 1017-AR, “Secret General Correspondence, 1962” – 270 boxes (224K pages)
  • REID 149085, RG 72 (Bureau of Aeronautics), Entry UD 1005-E, “Enclosures to Secret Correspondence Files” – 286 boxes (237K pages)
  • REID 157340, RG 19 (Bureau of Ships), Entry UD 1017-AU, “Secret General Correspondence, 1965” – 288 boxes (238K pages)
  • REID 13489, RG 38 (Office of the Chief of Naval Operations), Entry A1 1003, “ONI; Administrative Branch; Administrative Correspondence; 1948-1956” – 238 boxes (197K pages)

4 thoughts on “A New Opportunity to Request Priority Processing

  1. I am a member of the Society of the Fifth Division. I am wondering if all records from Records Group 472 have been de-classified and indexed? Are there any plans to put these records online (OPA).


    Philip Bienvenue

    1. According to our published list from the main post, there are five entries from RG 472 that are in the queue. If you would like to request any of these for priority indexing, please let us know which entry. For questions about OPA and archival description please contact: Archives 2 Reference at 301-837-3510 or archives2reference@nara.gov.

  2. Hi Don,
    Thanks for this opportunity.

    Here are my suggestions for records that deserve priority declassification.

    1) State/RG59/HMS-ID-73881/Records Relating to Cuba 1962-64/ 2.14 Cubic Feet

    2) Justice/RG60/HMS-ID-345958/HMS Entry UD-UP-35/Class 100 Miscellaneous, Teletypes sent to and by…/1962-63/.05 cubic feet

    3) JCS/RG218/HMS-ID 488727/HMS Entry UD 06D-7/Records Relating to the Cuban Crisis/1962-63/8.6 cubic feet

    4)Army/RG 335/HMS-ID 34662/HMS Entry UD UP 51/Cuban C&D 1962-64/2.19 Cubic Feet/

    5) OSD/RG 330/HMS-ID 434960/HMS-EntryUD-05W 58/Classified Cuban Biographical Files/1964/1.07 cubic feet


    1. Thanks. I’ll pass this onto our indexing folks. Once I have an estimate for indexing, I’ll get back to you.


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