The Adventures of CORTDIV 11

The NDC has been working on a declassification project involving classified Navy deck logs from the Vietnam War era.  As part of this project, the NDC is set to declassify 11 boxes of classified deck logs from Record Group 38 (Office of the Chief of Naval Operations), Entry UD-06D 1.  These records will be available … Continue reading The Adventures of CORTDIV 11

Hidden in Plain Sight

As the NDC systematically reviews and releases the oldest withheld documents from legacy declassification projects, we periodically post entries about interesting new releases as part of our effort "to make access happen" (please see the July 5, 2018 NDC Blog post "Note Pour L'Admiral Stark" for more details).  In this case, Archives Specialist Jennifer Halpern … Continue reading Hidden in Plain Sight

Classified Records: National Security, Declassification, and the Freedom of Information Act

Today's post is provided by NDC staff member David Fort. I had the privilege of speaking to a crowd of about 35 people February 6, 2019 at Gettysburg College.  The talk involved a number of topics from how the declassification process works at the National Archives, from the records being accessioned, to them being reviewed … Continue reading Classified Records: National Security, Declassification, and the Freedom of Information Act

We are back!

The National Declassification Center is open once again.  We look forward to researching and writing more posts about the records we find and declassify, as well as answering your questions about our posts.

NDC Blog Idled

Due to the lack of appropriated funds for NARA operations, the NDC Blog will not be active for the foreseeable future.  Any comments on published articles made as of today will be reviewed and posted upon NARA's re-opening for operations with appropriated funds.

Operation Enewetak

The Atoll The classic coral atoll of Enewetak and its small population had seen much change during the 20th century as compared to the relatively quiet nine previous centuries since humans first came to the atoll's islands.  The Germans were the first industrial culture to claim possession of the islands which became part of the … Continue reading Operation Enewetak

The Laser Target Recognition System (LTRS): A Lesson in Bleeding Edge Technology

The War in Southeast Asia  was many things to many people.  To some in the Defense Department under Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara, the war appeared to be a technological challenge that American know-how was meant to conquer.  To find an enemy who made the most of the cloak of darkness for movement and … Continue reading The Laser Target Recognition System (LTRS): A Lesson in Bleeding Edge Technology

Navy Nuclear Weapons Safety–A Story in Posters

Military leaders by default are the safety managers of their units, although one or more individuals may be formally titled "Safety Officer" as recognition of a specific responsibility within the military organization.  The Safety Officer is an unheralded position wherein one may get recognition (and not the best kind) only when something goes wrong.  So … Continue reading Navy Nuclear Weapons Safety–A Story in Posters

“Note Pour L’Admiral Stark.”

A document recently surfaced in the course of yet another NDC special project called PAIR--a note that speaks to a little-noticed aspect of World War II that involved one of the war's higher-profiled participants, Général de brigade Charles de Gaulle. PAIR (Pre-ADRRES Indexing Review) This NDC special project has been in operation since around 2015 … Continue reading “Note Pour L’Admiral Stark.”

“Reportable Information”

(In honor of Sunshine Week, I am proud to present NDC staff member England Reeder as our guest blogger today to write about a project on which he has been working that is close to public release.) Judge Merrick Garland collected the documents in this record series while he served as Special Assistant to the Attorney … Continue reading “Reportable Information”