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“Reportable Information”

(In honor of Sunshine Week, I am proud to present NDC staff member England Reeder as our guest blogger today to write about a project on which he has been working that is close to public release.) Judge Merrick Garland collected … Continue reading

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The Weapons Systems Evaluation Group

Those who work in government and in the private sector supporting government are very familiar with the term “think tank”, a slang expression dating from World War II that denoted an organization filled with “idea men” that sat around desks … Continue reading

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Djakarta Embassy Record Series Now Available Via the National Archives Catalog

The National Declassification Center is proud to announce that the contents of the newly-declassified Classified Central Subject Files of the U.S. Embassy Djakarta, Indonesia, 1963-1969 are now available via the National Archives Catalog.  This record series, digitized through the kind … Continue reading

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NDC Releases U.S. Embassy Djakarta Records

  The National Declassification Center, in partnership with the privately-operated National Security Archive, is proud to announce the release of  a record series that has been the object of interest for a number of researchers worldwide.  The records, formally titled … Continue reading

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What Happened to the American SST?

  The golden age of American aerospace prowess had to be the decade of the 1960s.  So many advances were being made across so many fields of aviation endeavor.  The Space Race demonstrated how the United States could safely and reliably … Continue reading

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Joseph B. Kennedy and the Jet Speed Air Cushion Rail System

In the NDC’s last blog entry, readers discovered from the records of the United States Embassy Djakarta, how an embassy goes about its mission to protect American citizens living in a foreign country during times of trouble.  This entry will … Continue reading

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The Curious Case of Harold Lovestrand

Summers in Indonesia are notoriously hot, which is not really much of a surprise for a nation of islands that straddles the equator.  The summer of 1965 was much hotter if you were an American in Indonesia.  In August of … Continue reading

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Hollywood, Model Planes, and Atomic Bombs: Office of Naval Research Support for Vertical Envelopment

Lost amid a large 8,000 box series from the long disestablished Bureau of Aeronautics (Record Group 72 in National Archives-speak) in a classified stack at the National Archives in College Park lies a 500-page document whose ominous mushroom cloud cover … Continue reading

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New Formerly Restricted Data Declassification Determination

  Effective immediately, the Department of Defense and the Department of Energy jointly approved the recommendation of the DoD/DOE FRD Declassification Working Group (DWG) : “The fact that any specified retired weapon was at a former (now closed) nuclear weapon storage … Continue reading

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James Meredith and his March Against Fear

NDC staffer Jamie White provided this post about his latest find: I recently reviewed a Department of Justice project (Class 130/145 Secret Enclosures, NND 66350) which covered a portion of the civil rights movement from 1968 and part of 1969. … Continue reading

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