NDC Update

On Friday, 9 March, I was joined by Director/ISOO John Fitzpatrick and Agency Services Executive Jay Bosanko in a meeting with representatives from OMB and several public interest groups. Although we all discussed several items of interest related to reducing classification and expanding governmental transparency, the majority of our discussion was a give-and-take focused on … Continue reading NDC Update

Second NDC Public Forum

Thanks to everyone, panelists, attentive audience members, and questioners, for attending our Public Forum at AI Tuesday. I always enjoy an opportunity to hear concerns and suggestions, and I particularly appreciated having the other agency representatives out in front to give everyone a glance into the reality of the NDC.  Next week we will post the forum … Continue reading Second NDC Public Forum

Aiming for a More Efficient Process

Although the Bi-annual Report  provides the high points for the NDC, particularly in relation to the efforts to address the back log, I want to offer a few more descriptive details just to further your understanding of what we are doing. I welcome your questions and comments. Declassification can be a complex process, but the … Continue reading Aiming for a More Efficient Process